Rămas bun(varianta în limba engleză a poeziei Vali, traducere făcută de Cristiana Scarlat)

We all need love
But I just needed a bit more
I might find her now
In the earth
Or with the wind
Or in your thought that came
So soon to me.
And love was all I wanted
Love to waste…
And when love wasn’t to be found
Or she was getting smaller
Some days I used to laugh a lot, a lot with you all
My laughter will, maybe, drive away
Even the last sigh from my heart.
Now those days are gone, one by one.
I will look for them soon, my friends
From where I am now
In the earth, or in the wind, or in a thought…
But I wait now for my other lives
To gather fishing rods and hooks and a trawl
For I will be a fisherman in the after world
Fishing for love…
Yet, I’m never coming back.

,,…țărână ești și în țărână te vei întoarce”Geneza3:19”